"I just want to say wow! I received my password today and looked at your site for the first time. What an amazing job you have done! It makes me so happy to see someone put forth so much effort to assist individuals with disabilities."
Amber (Colorado Springs, CO)
"We have just returned to the classroom after a summer of adventures. I am planning for my students' first week and utilizing your resources as always! I am loving the new additions and wanted to tell you guys how much the News-2-You means to us! We use the weekly paper as an anchor for our week and the worksheets are invaluable for reinforcing skills required of our students for assessment. The newspaper is one of the favorite activities for our students and the leveled papers allow ALL of our kids to participate in these activities. Thank you for all you do and I hope you keep doing it for a very long time!"
Jez and Evelyn (MOID and MIID teachers)
"I ABSOLUTELY LOVE UNIQUE LEARNING SYSTEMS!! It is exactly what I have been looking for for 4 years. I love the Checkpoints and the graphings. This helps with our alternate testing and keeping data. They also allow me to get a sneak peek on what the students will need a little extra help with and what they will need to be re-taught after the month is over. GOD BLESS!!!"
"Thank you. Have I told you lately how grateful I am for your work? I've subscribed to News-2-You for years for my son through his schools and now also get the Unique (High School Band) this year for his instruction at home. As a veteran teacher of all ages and abilities (including college and gifted as well as those on the autism spectrum) I have not found a more comprehensive and well developed curriculum like Unique. With the recent News-2-You new features such as the link to YouTube showing a Portie getting a ball from the pool. You bring my student to a new level of connection. As I looked through the September topic of Government, now don't laugh, the beauty of the materials and the thoughtful presentation brought tears to my eyes. My son Will and I enjoyed talking about what we were going to study this month. Thank you, thank you."
"This site is the single best resource available to encourage students with disabilities to become socially aware citizens."
Lori B. (Perris, California)
"The students thrived with the curriculum content and really had fun learning new and familiar skills ... Thank you for developing a product that has made me a better teacher and has given my students the opportunities to achieve to their fullest potential."
Barbara R. (Zanesville, Ohio)
"We’ve had a child who was never able to read go to reading independently with the help of News-2-You."
Judy W. (Peoria, Illinois)
"I have been using Unique Learning System in my classroom this year at another school and there has been such a dramatic change in the entire atmposhere of my classroom. The students are engaged and eager to learn because they know the program is consistent and exciting."
Jennifer W. (Winston Salem, North Carolina)
"I also want to thank you so much for this curriculum! I have been teaching children with significant disabilities for 5 years now, but have been working with special education classes for about 13 years. In that time I have seen so many wonderful ideas, and so many wonderful teachers doing everything they could to keep their students interested and learning. It has been very difficult for me to keep things new and interesting while making the learning appropriate for grade levels as well as abilities. Once I was introduced to News-2-You, I began using that almost as my curriculum. It was differentiated, it covered subjects across the curriculum, and the tasks could be simplified for my level 1 students to complete as well! Over the years I have spent so much money on manipulatives, hands on activities, theme kits that I have put together myself...and now it is all in one place with Unique! You have made my life easier, and you've made me a better teacher! I am covering appropriate grade level material and still meeting IEP goals. As an added bonus, my students who are more capable don't feel like they are being taught "baby stuff" which is something I had a problem with. They are learning about government and the U.S. like their non-disabled peers, and can hold conversations about the topics without feeling like they're too dumb (I always hated hearing my kids say they were too stupid) to understand. In one curriculum you have not only empowered teachers, but you have empowered the students who need it the most! Thank you so much for all your work!"
Melissa P (Milwaukee, WI)