System Requirements*Print

Windows XP Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Windows Vista Internet Explorer 9
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Windows 7 Internet Explorer 10
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Windows 8 Internet Explorer 10
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
iPad Just update your iPad to the newest software and you will be ready.
Mac OSX Safari 5.1 or newer can be installed with OSX 10.6 through Software Update
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Android 4+ Google Chrome
n2y will be introducing some amazing new technologies that will require the latest version of each Internet browser. Without the recommended version, the browser will not be able to support the design and technologies that will be available in your subscription. The driver behind these technologies is HTML5. Unfortunately, IE8 does not support this technology.

If you are running Windows XP as an operating system, you will not be able to update Internet Explorer to a greater version than 8. There are alternative browsers that you can use to access your subscription. We suggest:
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
Furthermore, IE8 has five known outstanding vulnerabilities and after April 2014 it will not be supported on Windows XP.
Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome have excellent security track records and update their software accordingly. Both browsers are supported by a global community of users and developers that work together to innovate the web experience.

Mozila Firefox has always had excellent support for HTML5, and the latest version builds on that history with even more advanced features.

Google Chrome makes it easy to put modern HTML5 and web apps into the classroom without worrying about legacy browser’s ability to keep up.

Please make sure your system is up-to-date. Below you will see the recommended software versions. All of these are free updates. Just make sure you have at least one of these installed. We're very excited about what doing, and we know you'll love it as well.
  Minimum Recommended Current Device


Internet Explorer Download 9 Current
Firefox Download 18
(26 on Windows XP)
Chrome Download 24 Current
Safari (Desktop) 5.1 Current
Safari (iOS)** 5.0 Current
Android** Download 4.0 Current


Cookies Enabled Enabled
Broadband Connection 200kbps 1Mbps
Server Time Computer Time
Correct Time (within 5 minutes) 4/25/2014 7:34:05 AM GMT
*Other configurations may work, but are not tested.
**Browsers on phones may work but are not supported.


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