n2y® is a leading developer of special education curriculum and special education materials that serve teachers, speech pathologists, assistive technology professionals and others as a resource to help children with special needs to learn through engagement.

n2y is a family-run business started in 1997 by Jacquie Clark, a speech-language pathologist with over 30 years experience. The first product to launch was News-2-You, a weekly current events newspaper designed specifically for children with special needs. The newspaper began as a weekly classroom project utilizing concise, symbol-supported text to deliver current events news to a population previously denied this information. Today, News-2-You provides subscribers hundreds of pages of dynamic content each week, including news, world news, activities, computer games and storybooks, all related to the feature story of the week. Please visit https://www.n2y.com/products/news2you/ for additional detailed product information.

With the overwhelming success of the newspaper, the n2y team shifted gears a bit and began developing standards based curriculum. There had never been a special education specific curriculum until 2007, when a relationship with Kathy Staugler was formed. Kathy has spent her career developing curriculum material specifically for the special needs population. Her passion, values and vision fit perfectly with the n2y philosophy and soon the Unique Learning System curriculum was born and launched in July of 2008. This dynamic, online curriculum brings standards based, age appropriate instructional material to all students grades Pre-K - 12 and beyond up to age 22. Please visit https://www.n2y.com/products/unique/ for additional detailed product information.

Since the launch of the first News-2-You newspaper, through all the months of Unique Learning System curriculum that have been developed, one symbol set has emerged taking the market by storm and becoming an industry standard in picture based communication. The SymbolStix symbol set was originally developed by n2y for use in both the News-2-You newspaper and Unique Learning System curriculum. With the increasing buzz and feedback from our subscribers about our symbol set, we answered the call with the launch of SymbolStix ONLINE in 2009, allowing us to focus more intently on speech therapy solutions. Now the default set in all of our products is available as a subscription based service providing the only dynamically updated, downloadable symbol set on the market. With more than 40 international software and hardware manufacturers licensing our SymbolStix symbol set in their products, n2y is positioning itself to becoming the leader in symbol based communication. Please visit https://www.n2y.com/products/symbolstix/ for additional detailed product information.